Package: 10mL

Sun Stick SPF 30

Invisible, It doens't leave residue

  • CLINIANS INVISIBLE SUN  STICK SPF 30 is a specific product for the protection of the most sensitive and delicate areas of body. Its transparent formula protects without leaving white marks on the skin and it's suitable for sensitive areas like eyes contour,  lips, nose, ears, spots, moles and tattoos.
    It's' ideal in summer, to protect sensitive areas during exposure to the sun, and also in winter to protect from cold and sun.
    it's formulated without preservatives and fragrance for an even more delicate action.
  • Spread it evenly over localized areas of the face and body that require more protection: eye contour, lips, nose, ears, spots, moles, tattoos. Reapply frequently, especially after perspiring and being immersed in water.
    Suggested Use of INVISIBLE SUN STICK SPF 30 is with a CLINIANS Sun Care product suitable for your skin type.

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