Package: 50mL

Antirughe Detox

Antioxidant Treatment with Detoxy Technology


    CLINIANS ANTIRUGHE DETOX is the specific treatment thanks to DETOXY TECHNOLOGY improves oxygenation of the skin, it helps prevent the formation of toxins and facilitates their natural elimination.

    Day after day the skin is more hydrated, the visibility of wrinkles has improved and the skin is more uniform.
  • Apply morning and night on the skin face and neck perfectly clean and dry;  massaging till complete absorption.

  • CLINIANS ANTIRUGHE DETOX, thanks to the exclusive DETOXY TECHNOLOGY, performs with 3 actions:

    1 PROTECTION thanks to the anti-oxidant active ingredient that protects cells from free radicals, stress and pollution preventing the premature skin aging.

    2 OXYGENATION thanks to a blend of minerals, with antioxidant and energizing action, that improves the skin renewal to reveal more radiant and smoothed skin.
    3 DETOXINATION thanks to the Detoxinum™, a cosmetic active ingredient, that helps to stimulate the natural process of detoxination, supporting the purif ication of cells, removing the toxins.