Package: 25pcs

Micellar Water Make-up remover Wipes

with Mallow Extract.

  • CLINIANS ATTIVA ANTISTRESS  make-up remover wipes easily removes makeup and impurities from face, eyes and lips. The soft fabric and delicate MICELLAR WATER enriched with Mallow extract,  with emollient and soothing properties, are designed for a quick and  effective cleaning system, also suitable for sensitive skin.

  • Take a tissue and be sure to close well the label (it's essential to ensure the wipes do not dry out). Pass it on the entire face including  lips and around the eyes.

    You can use both sides of the wipes. We recommend to use it with  other products of ATTIVA ANTISTRESS line.

    CLINIANS ATTIVA ANTISTRESS  make up remover wipes  with  MICELLAR WATER  enriched with Mallow extract  with emollient and soothing properties.

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