Package: 50 mL

Moisturizing anti-wrinkles treatment

with EterniSkin

  • CLINIANS SUBLIME BEAUTY is the intensive treatment formulated to improve the look of mature skin, to moisturize instensely the skin and to reduce the visibility of wrinkles.

    It is an anti-wrinkles face cream that acts of on the effects of time helping to restore the correct level of hydration , also in the deeply.  Its soft, silky and not oily texture with quickly absorption gives a pleasant feeling of moisturized.

    Day after day the skin of the face is perfectly moisturized, tonic, soft and elastic. With a constant use  wrinkles and the signs of expression are visibly reduced.


  • Apply morning and night to clean and dry skin of face and neck massaging till complete absorption.

  • CLINIANS SUBLIME BEAUTY it contains Eterniskin®, cosmetic active that helps to improve the synthesis of collagen* for more resilient and organized fibers.

    Hyaluronic Acid, thanks to its ability to retain high amount of water, moistures the skin intensely while SYN*-HYCAN, tripeptide  increases the synthesis of Hyaluronic ACID*, assures an hydrating action from the inside.




    *vitro test.