Package: 50 mL

Moisturizing Illuminating Cream

with Energillium and Illuminat Pearls

  • CLINIANS MOISTURIZING CREAM is the treatment suitable at any age that helps to supply energy to the skin of face everytime is necessary. It is an energizing cream that gives to the skin of face a new vitality and perform a dual function: it helps to improve the moisturizng and the tonicity of the skin and to restore the natural brightenss of the skin.  It has a soft and lighweight texture with quick absorprtion, with a pleasant citrus fragrance.

    It is ideal also as make-up base.




  • Apply morning and night to the dry and clean skin of face and neck massaging till complete absorption.

    For perfect results, we suggest to use the others CLINIANS ATTIVA ENERGIZZANTE.

  • CLINIANS ATTIVA ENERGIZZANTE  with Energilium,  synergic blend of energizing cosmetic actives* that help to optimize the cellular energy and to improve the skin natural defenses against the external aggressions, gives a full of energy to the face skin.
    New formula contains  Illuminating Pearls that provide an anti-dull complexion action for a more radiant skin. Vitamin C inside the orange juice contained and Vitamin E, provide a preventive action in the formation of free radicals while Panthenol and Hyaluronic Acid moisturize the skin intensively.

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