Package: 50 mL

Firming Active Day Cream

with Pomegranate Extract and Colhibin

  • CLINIANS ANTIRUGHE QUOTIDIANA is a specific treatment that helps to prevent the formation of first wrinkles and to preserve the compactness of the tissues.

    It is an anti-wrinkle face cream that provides a triple action: helps to counteract the formation of free radicals, main responsable of skin aging, to prevent the degeneration of Collagen* and to maintain the correct moisturizing level of the skin.

    Its creamy, soft and not oily texture has a quick absorption and leaves an immediate sensation of softness and hydration.

    It is an optimal base for make-up.

    Day by day the face skin appears softer, resilient and firm. With a continue use, the small and first lines reduce.


    *in vitro test.

  • Mornings, apply massaging to clean and dry skin of face and neck till a complete absorption.

    For a better result, we suggest a combined use with the other ptoducts of the CLINIANS ANTIRUGHE line.

  • CLINIANS ANTIRUGHE QUOTIDIANA contains a Pomegranate Extract and Vitamin E that, thanks to the anti-oxidant activity, help to counteract the formation of wrinkles and the loss of skin elasticity. Colhibin helps to protect the skin from the damages due to the UV rays and to prevent the degeneration of Collagen*, contrasting the first signs of aging. A Sugary Hydrating Factor and Hyaluronic Acid provide a moisturizing action.

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