Package: 50 mL

Repairing Day Face Treatment

with Retinol and Carnosine

  • CLINIANS INTENSE A LIFTING RUGHE DAY is the ideal treatment that from 40 years old on, helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and to contrast the formation of new ones.

    It is anti-wrinkle creame that provides a triple action: helps to contrast the oxidation damages, to increae the synthesis of Collagen* and to maintain the correct level of hydration, for  a resilient and soft skin. 

    Its creamy, rich and not oily texture has a quick absorption and gives an immediate sensation of moisture and  softness.

    Day by day face skin appears more hydrated, smooth, compact and resilient. With a continue use the thin lines and the wrinkles visibly attenuate.


    *ex vivo text

  • Mornings, apply massaging to clean and dry skin of face and neck till a complete absorption.

    For a better result, we suggest a combined use with the other ptoducts of the CLINIANS INTENSE A LIFTING RUGHE line.


  • CLINIANS INTENSE A LIFTING RUGHE DAY contains Micro-encapsulated Retinol that helps to stimulate the cell renewal and to improve the skin elasticity and Vitamin E with an antioxidant activity. It includes also Carnosine, a peptide that helps to contrast the signs of time. Hydrating Compost with Marine Origin and Hyaluronic Acid maintain the skin moisturized while Ceramides help to repair and restructure the skin border for a more compact and reinforced skin.

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