Package: 200 ml

Pre & After Sun Moisturizing Milk

With Melanin Activator

  • CLINIANS PRE & AFTER SUN is a moisturizing emulsion that gives relief to the reddened skin.It's a an emulsion  with quick absorption, fresh and soft texture. It can be used on face and body:

    some days before the sun exposur, to prepare the skin for a golden colour.
    - after the sun exposure, to soothe the skin, to prolong and intensify the suntan*.


    It does not contain self-tanning, does not oil and spot.



  • Apply uniformly to body, face and neck. It does not protect from sunburns.

    * test ex vivo

  • The suntan is prolong thanks to a Botanic Extract, that is able to stimulate the natural process of synthesis of melanin*.

    * test ex vivo

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