Package: 200 mL

Anti-Cellulite Concentrated Cream

More compact skin

  • CLINIANS REDUCELL FORTE is a specif cosmetic treatment that helps to reduce the beauty flaw of cellulite, fat deposit and the skin relaxation.  Its texture is very pleasant and easy to massage with quick absorption.

  • Apply REDUCELL FORTE twice a day, morning and night on the interested area ( (thighs, gluteus, waist, arms…)  for 4 consecutive weeks at least. Massage with circular movements  from the bottom upwards till a complete absorption, to favor the draining action. Finished the 4 week of treatment continue according to your requests and the results you needed.

  • With a constant use, the skin is visibly more compact, moisturized and resilient; thanks to the reduction of water retention and the accumulation of the fats in the adipose tissues, the imperfections caused by cellulite decrease.
    A constant use of the product improves the silhouette and helps the body to rediscover a more tonic and harmonious shape.

  • CLINIANS REDUCELL FORTE contains L-Carnitine and  Caffeine,  ingredients  that are able to decrease the fats in the adipose tissue, favor their transformation into energy and  help the drainage of the excess liquids.
    The formula includes also Centella Asiatica with a draining action and Escin,  that protects the capillaries,   increases their resistance and favor the micro-circulation. Its texture is very pleasant and easy to massage with quick absorption.