Package: 150 mL

Remodeling Concetrated Gel

Redefine the silhouette

  • CLINIANS SLIMMING NIGHT GEL is a specific cosmetic treatment that helps to reduce the fat deposit.

    Nightlong the skin is in full activity to renew itself, is higly receptive and  it is able to absorb in the proper way the intake of beauty treatments. With its pleasant application the gel offers a moment of true well-being to the body.

  • Every night before going to bed, apply to areas to be shaped (thighs, waist, hips and arms)  for at least 4 consecutive weeks. Massage with circular movements until complete absorption. After  4 weeks of treatment continue according to your needs and the results you want obtain.

    The slimming consists in a remodelling cosmetic action which does not provide a loss of weight.

  • With a constant use the orange peel appearance and fat deposits decrease visibility, the skin is firmer, more toned and
    smoother for a silhouette as "remodeled".

  • CLINIANS SLIMMING NIGHT GEL contains ATPeptide™ and UCPeptide™, substances that promote lipolysis and decrease lipogenesis: on one hand they reduce the fats in  the adipocytes and on the other they slow the increase in volume of the adipocytes themselves.*

    The Conjugated Linoleic Acid contained in Sunflower Oil present in the formula, inhibits the absorption of fats in adipocytes while Caffeine stimulates the mobilization of fatty acids in adipose tissues and the drainage of the excess liquids.


    *vitro test