4 Nose Patch + 4

Cosmetic Patch for pore clogging impurities

With Apple Water

  • Oily skin is characterized by an excess of sebum production responsible for the oily complexion. This type of skin needs a deep and careful cleaning and also specific products.

    CLINIANS HYDRA BASIC PURYFING PATCH with Apple Water and Zinc is a deep cleansing treatment that helps in removing excess of sebum and pore clogging impurities in the T zone ( forehead-nose-chin) in few simple steps.


  • 1 Cleanse and dry your face. Wet the interested area.

    2 Apply the patch and make it adhere well to the skin.

    3 Leave it on for 10/15 minutes: the patch becomes dry and the skin starts to stretch. In this moment you can remove it.

    4 Gently remove the patch at the ends. Should it be difficult to do, wet the patch and try again.

    Use once a week. Do not use on sensitive, injured or irritated skins. Do not reuse the patch.

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