Package: 50mL

Face Serum Cream

Brightness and Moisture with Chromabright

  • CLINIANS WHITE ESSENCE FaceSerum Cream helps to uniform the color of the skin minimizing the appearance of dark spots leaving a naturally bright complexion.
    Suitable at any age.


  • Apply morning and night to clean and dry face and neck, massaging till a complete absorption.
  • Since first use, the skin is perfectly moisturized and visibly brighter and more luminous . Day after day, liver spots are visibly reduced for a more even and radiant complexion.

  • CLINIANS WHITE ESSENCE FaceSerum Cream contains Chromabright®, a new brightening active that helps to reduce the synthesis of melanin and to prevent the skin damages caused by the UV rays; the Multivitamin Complex (B3, C, E), helps to limited the oxidation process, one of the main cause of dark spots. Also inside there are Gigawhite, Lemon and Green Papaya extracts that provide a lightening effect improving the skin tone.
    The Peelmoist is a molecular film designed to obtain an optimized delivery of papain, enzyme that stimulates exfoliation, prevents rough and dry skin improving desquamation and providing natural moisture; also  in synergy with Hyaluronic Acid present in formula has an immediate and long lasting effect.

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